Work with the experts in the slot die and coating industry.

With years of industry experience working in internationally known firms, the principals of Coating Tech Slot Dies understand your coating process and the results you need to provide. We apply our extensive process knowledge to your unique situation and promptly provide the most effective and efficient solutions for you.




With experience in a broad product range since 1996, Coating Tech Service provides in-depth knowledge for slot die coating across all fluid coated products.

Coating Tech Service is a project management and slot die coating service consulting company providing exceptional process engineering and on-site services to domestic and international clients in coating and converting companies.

Support services include:

  • Trial support
  • Project Management
  • Return on investment or efficiency consulting
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Engineering and design services
  • On-site technical service
  • Analysis of existing process for
    coating improvement plan
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Repair and re-working
  • Manifold simulations
  • Finite element analysis
  • Process variable simulations

Coating Tech Service provides a flexible project manager to develop specifications, implement process upgrades, or improve process efficiencies for value added projects.


Coating Tech Service works with dies from any manufacturer to restore the equipment to its best possible condition. Offering:

  • Service at our facility for top notch quality control
  • On-site service to hot melt, battery, solar and optical manufacturers
  • Exceptional level of service provided to clients in the field
  • On-site technical service and operational solutions

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Coating Tech Service

Coating Tech Service is knowledgeable and experienced in the following project management tools:

  • DMAIC Six Sigma methodology
  • Design for Six Sigma product development
  • Lean Six Sigma procedures and processes
  • Design of Experiment improvement techniques

Coating Tech Service is knowledgeable and experienced in the following slot die coating processes and products:

  • Battery, Solar and other Renewable Energy systems
  • Hot Melt adhesives (PSA)
  • Optical film coatings
  • Fluid and polymer coating and casting
  • Process, rheological, and slot die mechanical operation

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Precision Manufacturing

Coating Tech Slot Dies can assist you with options such as:

  • Positioners
  • Backing Rolls
  • Fluid Delivery Systems
  • Vacuum Box
  • Hinged Design
  • Interchangeable Lips

Slot dies are used for a variety of techniques including:

  • Direct Coating
  • Indirect Coating
  • Tensioned Web
  • Curtain Coating
  • Lane Coating
  • Multi-Layer Coating
  • Intermittent Coating

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