Coating Tech Slot Dies Designs and Builds Coating Stations and Components to Work for Your Process.

A slot die does not stand alone. It is always part of a larger coating line or coating system. Coating Tech Slot Dies will manufacture slot die positioners, coating stations with precision roll, fluid delivery systems, vacuum systems, control panels, shims, and parts and service for any slot die.

Slot Die Positioner

  • Repeatability and accuracy within 0.0001 inch (2.54 microns)
  • Roll or free span coating capability
  • On/off coating control
  • Splice jump
  • Slot die to roll adjustment via ball screw adjustment slides
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Precision linear bearings for slot die movement
  • Pneumatic actuation
  • Dual dial indicators
  • Vacuum box
  • Single chamber
  • Adjustable precision machined Teflon vacuum blade located under the coating roll with adjustment to change the gap between the vacuum blade and the substrate
  • Teflon end seal to seal die with backing roll
  • Two stainless steel tanks (one for drain and one for baffle)
  • One regenerative blower including filter housings, filters, mufflers, and variable frequency drive)

Coating Station with Precision Roll

Rigid side frame construction equipped with leveling and mounting taps

Rubber roll (non-driven)

  • TIR < 0.0005 inches (12.7 microns)
  • Concentricity < 0.0005 inches (12.7 microns)
  • Cylindricity < 0.001 inches (25 microns)
  • Ra < 4 micro-in (0.1 micro-m)

Chrome roll (non-driven)

  • TIR 0.00012 inch (3.05 microns)
  • 2-4 Ra face finish

Slot Die Positioner Parts

The mounting equipment that places the slot die in close proximity to the backing roll has many pieces and parts that work in unison to maintain the coating gap.  As the important component that maintains the interaction between the roll and slot die, consideration of macro and micro adjustment features needs to be resolved.  Whether pneumatic or servo controlled, CTSD can provide precision manufactured parts to keep a slot die positioner functional and optimized.

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