Coating Tech Slot Dies Technical Calculator

Coating Tech Slot Dies has developed this handy online technical calculator to easily complete complex calculations for flow rate, coating weight conversion, fluid die torque, surface energy, and equipment return on investment (ROI).

*Is the technical calculator glitching when you open on your mobile device? If so, click here to open the calculator in its own window without other page content.

Create a Technical Calculator Shortcut for Your Mobile Device’s Home Screen

In Safari:

  • Tap the Share button at the bottom of the page (it looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of the top)
  • In the list of options that appears, scroll down until you see “Add to Home Screen” and tap this.
  • On the next screen choose a name for the shortcut and click Add when you’re done.

In Chrome:

  • Tap on the three dots for menu options
  • Select “Add to Home Screen” from that list
  • Tap the Add command
  • Touch and hold or add automatically to place icon on home screen

In Firefox:

  • Press the menu button (either below the screen or in the upper right of the browser, then tap on Page
  • Tap Add Page Shortcut
  • Your shortcut should now appear on your home screen