Coating Tech Slot Dies Designs and Builds Fluid Delivery Systems to Work for Your Process.

A slot die does not stand alone. It is always part of a larger coating line or coating system. Coating Tech Slot Dies will manufacture slot die positioners, coating stations with precision roll, fluid delivery systems, vacuum systems, control panels, shims, and parts and service for any slot die.

Fluid Delivery System

  • Self-contained fluid delivery system
  • All wetted parts, hoses, and surfaces will be suitable for exposure to the buyer’s fluids
  • One precision metering pump
  • Explosion proof motor
  • AC speed control system
  • Flow pressure gauges before and after the filter housings
  • Single-sided cartridge style filter system with stainless steel housings
  • One holding tank (customer specified size)
  • Sanitary type fittings for all connections
  • Re-circulation design during die stop
  • Fluid delivery cart is equipped with swivel casters and solvent-resistant wheels (non-sparking)
  • Relief valves, 3-way valves, pressure gauges, hoses, and clamps

Unless otherwise specified the controls are the responsibility of the buyer. It is the buyer’s responsibility to supply all of the necessary control work and permitting to tie the pump VFD to the machine line speed.

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