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Coating Tech Service works with dies from any manufacturer to restore the equipment to its best possible condition. We offer rework die service at our facility for top notch quality control and on-site or at your location for hot melt, battery, solar and optical manufacturers. Whether you call it refurbishment, rework, remanufacturing, or restoration, Coating Tech Slot Dies can help you.



Is refurbishment worth the investment?

Coating Tech Slot Dies experienced team helps you troubleshoot and evaluate your options for re-work or remanufacturing. Contact us and we will walk you through the evaluation process.

How long does it take to rework a die?

You don’t want to have your slot die out of production for long, but long enough to ensure that it is refurbished for maximum performance and useful life. Coating Tech Slot Dies works with you on precise scheduling to minimize the time your die is away from your facility.

Who does the work and what is the process like?

Every project is coordinated by one of our experienced project managers who understand the entire coating process as well as the nuances of refurbishment. Our skilled manufacturing team will handle your equipment carefully at our Eau Claire, Wisconsin, corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility. Client communication is handled just as any order is with a production schedule, sign off dates, and delivery dates. The refurbish and re-work process for slot dies may vary slightly depending upon a number of variables, but in general it is as follows:

  • Remote evaluation and proposal development, including project completion timeframe
  • Proposal acceptance, coordination of specific project scheduling and arranging delivery to the CTSD facilities
  • In-house evaluation and communication with client to verify or adjust work order and schedule
  • Disassembly, cleaning, remanufacturing and restoration of surfaces, entrances, lip edge, and more. This includes re-grinding to establish seal surface integrity and original lip face height, re-polishing manifold and throat, lap final land to a finish of 1-3 Ra
  • Documentation and inspection
  • Re-assembly and final inspection, provide inspection report to client
  • Delivery to client and reinstallation if desired

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