Coating Tech Slot Dies has unique equipment solutions for thin and fast adhesive coating technologies.

Whether solvent, water, or hot melt based PSAs are utilized, improved process efficiencies and reduced scrap are highlighted in developing slot die coating equipment for the tape and label industry. Optically clear coating in a clean room environment is standard for the closed system operation of slot die technology.

Products Made:

  • Tapes
  • Security Tapes
  • Labels
  • Personal Care Items

Materials Used:

  • PSA
  • Microsphere Suspensions
  • Epoxies
  • Primers
  • Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Emulsion Adhesives
  • Solvent-Based Adhesives
  • Reactive Chemistry
  • Papers
  • Films

Learn more about slot die coating technology for the adhesive industry in these free technical EBooks from Coating Tech Slot Dies.

Adhesive Coating Technology

Coating adhesives for pressure sensitive tape and other adhesive industries have challenges specific to their process. This first technical EBook focusing on the adhesives industry includes introductory technical content suitable for operators and engineers or anyone involved in adhesive coating.

Advanced Adhesive Coating & Product Development Guide

Slot die coating of adhesive material has a set of challenges that are specific to the process. This second of three volumes focusing on adhesive coating includes more advanced technical subject matter and a specialized guide for product development.

Fluid Focus for Adhesive Coating

This third volume of adhesive-focused EBooks focuses on fluid science (Rheology) related to successful adhesive coating. Understanding the behavior of the fluid you are coating can help you prevent coating defects, and make all aspects of your coating process more successful.

The Most Effective Slot Die Solutions.

Every customized slot die is manufactured with the finest materials to a precise tolerance. Slot die coating systems are our primary focus, and our resources are concentrated on making real advancements for the coating industry. Our facility has full, on-site slot die manufacturing capabilities with machine tool research and development, wet lab, and analytical tool divisions.

slot die coating for adhesives
slot die coating for the aerospace industry
slot die coating for building materials manufacturing
slot die coating for lithium ion batteries and energy storage
slot die coating for the filtration industry
slot die coating for the graphics industry
slot die coating for medical and pharmaceutical applications
Slot die coating for optical film
Optical Film

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