Coating Tech Slot Dies has successfully coated and implemented equipment capable of coating fluids as viscous as 500,000 cP for carbon fiber nanocomposite applications.

Constant improvement and production efficiencies highlight process development efforts in this area.

Products Made:

  • Nanocomposites
  • Friction Reduction Film
  • Bonding Adhesives

Materials Used:

  • Reactive Resins
  • Bonding Adhesives

The Most Effective Slot Die Solutions.

Every customized slot die is manufactured with the finest materials to a precise tolerance. Slot die coating systems are our primary focus, and our resources are concentrated on making real advancements for the coating industry. Our facility has full, on-site slot die manufacturing capabilities with machine tool research and development, wet lab, and analytical tool divisions.

slot die coating for adhesives
slot die coating for the aerospace industry
slot die coating for building materials manufacturing
slot die coating for lithium ion batteries and energy storage
slot die coating for the filtration industry
slot die coating for the graphics industry
slot die coating for medical and pharmaceutical applications
Slot die coating for optical film
Optical Film

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